if continuing down the same path doesn’t get us to where we want to be,


we are invited to take things in a different direction







then we are challenged to find a way that does get us there, 


we are invited to start navigating this change

Thousands have navigated change and transformed their lives. Ready to begin your journey? Being the change?

Navigating change starts with getting absolutely clear on where we presently are in life. We need a starting point. We are then to discover where we are really headed. We need a point of destination. And finally we have to get going to actually get to where we want to be. We need to set out on a journey.   

Navigating change is all about this journey. It is about doing and being, thinking and feeling, rationale and intuition, standstill and movement. And it is hard. Our limiting beliefs and habits reside in our subconscious and our mind resists change. We are challenged to raise our level of consciousness and create beneficial beliefs and habits to replace the limiting ones. 

From personal experience I know that support can prove to be very welcome on this journey. Paying it forward I would be thrilled to work with you to set out on your journey. I have a unique talent for creating clarity on where we are and where we are headed. And an excellent navigation system that supports journeying. I am grateful to already have served and supported people from over 25 countries to navigate changes in their life. And I am looking forward to journey with you!

Rob Sibon

(+thirtytwo)(zero)468048099  / rob(aet)keuze-bewust.nl